Ennesto Monte: “The separation with Danni is final”

Who can still see-through, and do they see through themselves at all? Last weekend, Danni Buchner and Ennesto Monte declared their love comeback. Now the new separation has followed.

This love comeback was concise-lived. On Saturday, Daniela Buchner and Ernesto Monte were still happy that they found each other again after a two-month break. “We fought against our feelings. I made a lot of mistakes. In the end we never lost sight of each other, but you never stopped loving me, believing in us,” the Ballermann singer announced to one of them a couple photo on Instagram.

Now the standard picture is deleted, and the 46-year-old pop star makes it clear that they are going their separate ways again. The reason for this: Ernesto Monte is “deeply disappointed” with Danni Buchner and also with his ex-girlfriend Vanja Rasova, with whom he was in a relationship for a few months in 2020. Now he has decided that he no longer wants to have anything to do with “these women”. Rasova spread lies about him. He shared this in an Instagram article, which he has since deleted.

“I defend myself with all means.”
In an interview with “Bild”, Monte now makes it clear: “But I will not make this mistake again and remain silent. I will defend myself by all means if someone again wants to put my family and me in a bad light through such allegations.” Buchner did not do anything directly but confronted Monte with Rasova’s allegations and questioned what happened. So Monte now states: “The separation with Danni is final.”

The 43-year-old Buchner told RTL: “Our relationship seems like a game of roulette. Today the ball will fall into the red field, tomorrow into the black and, who knows, possibly the day after tomorrow on the green field.” A further return to this relationship should not be ruled out for them.

The two had made their love public at the end of 2020. A bit later, there were the initial rumors of the crisis, and the separation was confirmed in March 2021. Then last week the new beginning, which didn’t last long.

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