Shock at Vincent Gross: the pop singer is in the hospital

The Swiss singer Vincent Gross is in the hospital. The musician posted a short video on Instagram in which he can be seen in the clinic with an IV pole. “It wasn’t planned like that… Great,”says the pop star in it. You can see abrasions on his face.

In the video, he also explained how his injuries came about: A rented bike “blocked at full speed and I flew over the handlebars without braking…” The 24-year-old added: “I have bruises from head to toe, Abrasions, wounds, threads, swellings and a concussion. Good luck in the accident and a mercy to the Basel police who came just around the corner and to my grandiose bicycle helmet!”

The comments on the Instagram post not only contain recovery wishes from fans but also from celebrity colleagues. DSDS star Prince Damien wrote: “You are poor! Get well soon”. Singer and songwriter Julia Kautz added: “Oh god, you poor one!” Patrick Lindner, Linda Fah, Maite Kelly and Ella Finally wished Vincent Gross a speedy recovery on Instagram.

Vincent Gross had previously posted a picture of his face. There are red wounds on it, and there are plasters on his chin. “That went bad,” he wrote.

Vincent Gross: Is there going to be a TV career after music?

Vincent Gross’career began on YouTube. In 2017, his first album, “Tailwind,” was released. The 24-year-old has now released three tall players, most recently “Hautnah” in January 2021, which made it to number one in the charts in his home country Switzerland. In addition to music, the Swiss wants to take off even further: he has his talk format “Stars at ten up close” on YouTube, but he could also imagine his TV show.

In an interview with spot-on news at the beginning of the year, he revealed what this could look like: “It would certainly have something to do with hits and music. I also thought about Julia Lindholm. We had the idea of a music show with action to combine: A sports fun park challenge, similar to ‘Ninja Warrior’, with music. I would have combined all of my passions with one another.”

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