Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn is about to seize Bavaria.

Will the Thai king get a cuckoo soon?
Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn has a complicated name from a German point of view and bad payment practice. Since 2018, he owes the Bavarian municipality of Tutzing vast sums of money. Does he have a cuckoo – or will the eccentric ruler get one soon?

The King of Thailand has poor payment practices
403,200 euros! Maha, who is terrible at dealing with criticism, owes that much to the Bavarian state since 2018, as the “Bild” reports. It’s about him in a royal villa near the Starnberger See. The Mughal resides there in 15 rooms, while the property itself measures 5,600 square meters. As such, Maha is obliged to leave out coal for this chic place to stay. Second residence tax, namely.

But puff cake. Since 2018, the disputed Thai king may have poured champagne, but absolutely no money to Bavaria. According to the extrapolation of “Bild”, the small amount of debt amounts to over 400.00.

Attachment in the Thai King’s Villa?
And now? Have you written on a beer mat? Probably not. It is more likely that the tax office independently avails itself of the reluctant monarch. The “Bild” quotes the Cologne specialist lawyer Christian Solmecke (45): “The tax office can enforce directly from an effective tax assessment, provided the tax has not been paid. However, the tax debtor must be given a period of one week to settle his tax debts. The tax office has the option of seizing the credit on the king’s account with the help of a garnishment and confiscation order. In addition, the king’s entire property can be seized.”

In plain language, it means that the previously “tax-free” villa could soon be gone, and the Thai king has 15 fewer rooms available. Perhaps the king with the bit of cuckoo will quickly be served a cuckoo from the court.

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