“Hot Banditoz” singer Stefanie Schanzleh: last appearance with baby belly

Offspring for Steffi & Silva
The group “Hot Banditoz” is growing: singer Stefanie Schanzlehund and her fiance Silva Gonzalez expect their third child together. One last time she was allowed to sniff the stage air. We talked to the musician about what it’s like to perform with a baby in your stomach.

“I make sure that the baby’s belly is well.”
It was pouring rain at “Strandkorb Ole” in Hamburg. But that left Stefanie Schanzleh totally cold. She enjoyed one of her final performances. The 31-year-old is already the mother of two girls, is expecting her third child soon and is therefore on maternity leave. “When I’m on stage – with the little one in my stomach – then I step less gas while dancing. Of course, I make sure that the baby’s stomach is fine,”the singer explains in an interview with RTL.de.

Child and career under one roof
Thoroughbred mom and professional musician – how does that fit under one roof? After all, the Corona requirements have finally been relaxed for a few weeks, and the first concerts are retaking. “When we are out, the two girls are at home with grandma. Grandma comes to us and then takes care of the children,”says Steffi. Her fiance Silva Gonzalez adds: “Only the boy is then on the road with us. He already gets the feeling and the beats in his stomach.”

The kids come after the musician’s parents.
The couple has similarly mastered their two previous pregnancies – and you can tell that today, as Silva explains: “They come after us, are very musical. They love to dance, dress up and then sing children’s songs.” Little Ella even has a big idol: Andreas Gabalier. Who knows, maybe the three children of the musician couple will find their band in a few years…

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