ARD program director Christine Strobl makes yearly salary public

She has only been the ARD program director for a few weeks. Now Christine Strobl has dared to take an unusual step as the first in this position: She has disclosed what she deserves.

As head of the ARD feature film subsidiary Degeto, Christine Strobl brought the public broadcaster “Babylon Berlin” worldwide. In May, she took her next career step and succeeded Volker Herres as ARD program director. She has specific ideas for the future of the First German Television.

Christine Strobl wants to strengthen the media library. The ARD should become more digital and address younger target groups. Also, about the program first. But apart from that, the 49-year-old dared to do something new and did something that none of her predecessors did: she revealed what she deserved. “As the first in the position of program director, Christine Strobl will make her yearly salary public in 2021,” says the station’s website.

“An annual base salary of 285,000 euros”
She, therefore, receives an annual base salary of 285,000 euros, which is in the salary range of ARD directors. Last year they earned between 257,000 euros (Saarlandischer Rundfunk) and 404,000 euros (Westdeutscher Rundfunk). The station also shared the numbers on the Internet. However, the most recently published basic salaries of the nine ARD directors refer to the year 2020.

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