Duchess Meghan signed Lilibet’s birth certificate without her title of nobility.

Duchess Meghan renounced the “Royal Highness.”
Duchess Meghan (39) is still allowed to call herself “Her Royal Highness, the Duchess Meghan of Sussex” despite the “Megxit”. On the official birth certificate of her daughter Lilibet Diana, however, the wife of Prince Harry (36) waived all titles of nobility.

Harry did it a little differently than Meghan.
Instead, Meghan signed with her real name: Rachel Meghan Markle. This is reported by the US magazine “People”, which was looked at in the original documents.

On the other hand, Papa Prince Harry did give his full royal name: In the field of the first name, there is, therefore, “The Duke of Sussex”, with the surname “His Royal Highness”.

Meghan also gave her royal name on her son Archie’s birth certificate in May 2019. The professions listed were “Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom”. And that although Meghan officially does not hold any princess titles at all. In Lili’s certificate, however, no professions are specified. By the way, how sweet the royals reacted to Lili’s birth, we show here in the video.

Does Prince Charles create a leaner monarchy?
The different names are a bit surprising: after the “Megxit,” there should have been an agreement with the British royal family that both Meghan and Harry may keep the official title “His/Her Royal Highness” but no longer use or use them should.

The official titles of Archie and Lili Mountbatten-Windsor have not yet been finalized. Actually, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II with the heir to the throne Prince Charles (72) as the new king, both would automatically be given the title of prince or princess as the king’s grandson. According to rumors, Charles would like to change this and rely on a leaner monarchy in the future.

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