Royal rave: Is Queen Maxima staying here at the Berlin techno club Tresor?

A royal in the techno club – that was just what we were missing. Since Prince Harry ended his boisterous phase, such appearances by members of the world’s royalty have become relatively rare. Nobody would have expected that Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (50) of all people had now made the Berlin shed safe unsafe. But wait a minute, haven’t clubbed closed because of the ongoing corona pandemic?

Even on day three of her trip to Berlin, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands never tires of making big headlines again and again. Her recycled Monster XL flower hat was on day two when she visited the Reichstag dome, now her entry into the underground techno club Tresor. Much material for a natural royal scandal, if only a wild night of partying was behind it. The reality is, of course, much more civilized.

Maxima and her husband, King Willem-Alexander, may have passed the fabulous door of the Berlin party shed, but they weren’t actually in the club. The structure from 1991 is currently part of an exhibition in the Humboldt Forum of the Berlin Palace. And in this grand environment, of course, the royals insisted on getting a little bit of old techno party air.

But admittedly, in their lavish layout, they wouldn’t have got very far in the utter safe anyway. There are usually strict clothing regulations at the door. Willem-Alexander would likely have heard “You’re not coming in here” with his chic suit, just like his wife in her smart, transparent midi dress and brown hat. Should the two of them want to stay in a well-known nightclub one day, they would likely prefer street style or trendy clothing – according to the motto: Better underdressed than overdressed.

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