Taylor Swift announces the new release of her 2012 album “Red.”

Second re-release

Taylor Swift (31) is slowly but surely regaining control of her music: The pop star had announced in a TV interview in 2019 that she would re-record her first six albums due to ongoing legal disputes. In April, she took the first step with the new recording of “Fearless” (2008). The second follows: on November 19th, her album “Red” from 2012 will be released in a newly recorded version.

The album should contain 30 songs.

As Swift announced on Instagram, the “Red (Taylor’s Version)” will contain a total of 30 songs. One of the pieces is even ten minutes long: “This will be the first time that you will get to hear all 30 songs that should originally have landed on ‘Red’,” said the singer. In the high post, Swift also said that the original album was made when she was struggling with lovesickness and that writing the song helped her a lot at the time.

The background to the new recordings is a longstanding legal battle: Between 2006 and 2017, Swift was under contract with the Big Machine label, where they released their first six albums. In mid-2019, entrepreneur Scooter Braun (40) bought the brand and thus secured the rights to the master recordings of Swift’s songs. Then a dispute broke out over it. Allegedly, Braun and his partner Scott Borchetta (58) even wanted to forbid the singer from performing her old songs.

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