Director Thomas Vinterberg: He dedicated his Oscar to his dead daughter Ida

Thomas Vinterberg’s daughter died while filming his Oscar film.
On April 25, the Oscars were awarded in Hollywood two months late. Of course, there are strict rules for the filmmakers and journalists present due to Corona. In contrast to most of the award ceremonies in recent months, there was even a show on the red carpet and winners who could receive their Oscar in person. Including the Danish director Thomas Vinterberg (51). With his acceptance speech, he moved those present in the hall and the audience in front of the screens to tears because he dedicated his award to his daughter, who had died at the age of 19.

“Ida, a miracle has just happened. And you are part of this miracle.”
Thomas Vinterberg received the Oscar in the “Best Foreign Language Film” category for “Der Rausch,” with Mads Mikkelsen in the leading role. It was a film about how someone loses control of their life. He began his acceptance speech: “And that’s precisely what happened to me.” Four days after the shooting started, Thomas Vinterberg’s daughter Ida was killed in a car accident. The 19-year-old had to die because “someone looked at his cell phone”. “We love and miss them,” said the visibly moved director. He says that Ida read the script two months before her death and was determined to be in the film. That was also firmly planned.

Thomas Vinterberg is sure that Ida would have been pleased with his Oscar and is now present at the award ceremony, clapping and cheering. “We made this film for her as a memory of her.”

At the end of his acceptance speech, he addressed his daughter directly: “Ida, a miracle has just happened. And you are part of this miracle. Maybe you pulled a few strings in the background for it. This Oscar is for you!”

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