Rapper Drake rents the entire baseball stadium – for a dinner date!

Rapper Drake on cloud nine
How often do you have to be on cloud nine when you do what Drake (34) has now done? For a dinner date with his supposed new flame, the rapper has chosen an exceptional location. To enjoy a bit of privacy, he quickly rented an entire stadium.

Yes, you have to be Johanna Leia! The reality TV star has now enjoyed an excellent date. In front of blank stands and the breathtaking backdrop of the Dodgers Stadium, the 40-year-old was allowed to have a dinner date – at the side of none other than rapper Drake.

Helicopter reporter Chris Cristi, who mainly works for ABC7, discovered the scene by accident when flying over the baseball stadium. He didn’t think twice and took photos that are now haunted by the network. Well, the two lovebirds likely didn’t expect to be caught on their slightly different date.

The two stars can be seen in the recordings. They sit together at a white table on the running track that leads around the baseball field. Johanna seems to be a Dodgers fan. At least she wears a club jersey, while Drake is neutrally dressed. The table is decorated with plants and large bowls of food. Close by: a bar behind which a butler has taken a seat – probably to provide the couple with fresh drinks. Incidentally, Johanna and Drake seem to feel caught out – they both look with big eyes in the photographer’s direction. What a moment…

Johanna’s son has already met Drake.
Johanna Leia was once made famous by the reality TV show “Bringing Up Ballers”. She also works as a model. She is also the mom of a real basketball star. Her son Amari Bailey plays on the successful team at Sierra Canyon High School. Just recently, Johanna was spotted at Drake’s side at a basketball match with her child.

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