“Angel with the Ice Eyes”: Amanda Knox suffers a tragic miscarriage

Amanda Knox lost her child.
The “angel with the ice eyes” now has a very personal little angel in heaven. Amanda Knox (34) suffered a painful loss during the corona pandemic. The American was pregnant but lost her first baby in the womb. Now she is speaking publicly about her tragic miscarriage.

“I thought I couldn’t take it anymore.”
When Amanda Knox was possibly innocent in an Italian jail a few years ago, she would never have thought it possible that the downward spiral in her life could force her down even further. For the very first time, she spoke about the saddest time during the global corona pandemic in her podcast “Labyrinths”. Together with her husband, Christopher Robinson (39), she remembers the microphone with tears.

She was just eight weeks pregnant and was looking forward to the beginning of a new life. But then the shock: During a routine examination, it was found that the child’s heartbeat was not recognizable. “I was speechless”, Amanda now describes the moment when there was no change even a week later. But the most challenging time was still ahead of her. As she explains, she was advised to use tablets to get her body to reject the unborn and lifeless baby (drug induction).

And with this necessary measure, her nightmare started: “It was abdominal pain like I’ve never experienced it before. At some point I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to take painkillers. After half an hour, I finally stopped trembling in pain.”

Today there is only grief.
What remained after the operation was sadness. “We thought it was a straight line from unprotected sex to the baby,” explains Amanda. But they were bitterly disappointed by the initial ease and euphoria.

One thought in particular nearly destroyed Amanda: The doubt about herself and her past: “Do I have bad eggs and never knew it? Am I actually too tired? Did something happen to me when I was in Italy?”she has constantly been changing since the tragic experience.

Amanda Knox – the “angel with the ice eyes.”
During a student exchange year, Amanda Knox was suspected by an Italian court in 2007 of the murder of her then-roommate Meredith Kercher. The British woman had been raped and stabbed with several knives stabs in her room.

Two years after the attack, Amanda was tried by a jury. The American was then in jail for four years before being acquitted by the Supreme Court in the last instance after the trial was retried. In her 2013 book Waiting To Be Heard, Amanda stated that she was sexually abused while in prison. Now those traumatic memories seem to come up again.

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