Harper Beckham: Congratulations, mom & dad, on their 10th birthday so sweetly

Oh, sweet: little Harper Beckham is celebrating her tenth birthday. And via social media – and of course, in real life – you get warm congratulations from Mama Victoria Beckham (47) and Daddy David Beckham (46).

With a gentle video post, Victoria is celebrating the big birthday of her little Harper, who also liked to “work” in the Beckham cinema during the Corona crisis: “Kind, caring and sweet: our everything! We love you so, so very much. Can’t believe you turned ten today.” With such loving words from Mrs. Mama, Mr. Papa must of course not come along without something similarly sweet.

Victoria’s words to daughter Harper are so sweet.
On a particular day, David Beckham posted a photo of his daughter by his side, chic in black and white. And provides the post with loving words. Along with lots of heart emojis, David posts: “Happy 10th birthday, my pretty lady. To the girl with the biggest heart and the sweetest smile. We love you so much. Please stop growing.”

His appeal is, of course, not meant to be deadly serious – although one can understand the wish in the case of tiny Harper.

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