“Are You The One?” – Candidate Jill suffers from Covid-19: “Thought that I had to die.”

Jill’s reports from quarantine were dejected.
She already had terrible fears, and now it is sure: “Are You The One?” – Candidate Jill has become infected with the coronavirus. On Instagram, she reports to her community about the last few days and admits: “At times I thought that I was going to die.” The 20-year-old has severe complaints and now wants to warn her followers: “I truly underestimated Corona so blatantly [… ] It can happen that quickly.”

Significant pain and great worry
Chills, body aches, headache, high fever and pressure on the lungs – Jill has struggled with these symptoms for three days. “No matter what I took against it, nothing worked,” says the 20-year-old in her tale. The pain was so intense that she was even afraid for her life: “In some moments I thought that I was going to die.” She even “nearly passed out twice”.

After all: The high fever is slowly receding: “I’m feeling a little better now.” The pressure on her lungs still worries Jill. That’s why she is sincere: “I clearly have much, much more respect for Corona now. The last two days were truly horror. I very underestimated Corona so blatantly.”

Fourteen days of quarantine are now on the program for the 20-year-old. Not an easy situation for her: “I hate being dependent on other people.” But the main thing is that she will get better soon.

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