Klaus-Jurgen Wussow : His son’s baby died after only 6 hours

The Wussow family in great sadness
They already had a name for their baby: Benjamin Wussow (28) and his wife Ale (32) wanted to name their offspring Sammy. But the infant scion was born on Monday (July 5th) by cesarean section – and only survived six hours. In an emotional Instagram post, the son of the late actor Klaus Jurgen Wussow says goodbye to his son.

“We miss our son very much and are heartbroken.”
Sammy’s chances of survival weren’t fine. During their pregnancy, Benjamin Wussow and his wife were diagnosed with the diagnosis that their son had trisomy 18. The doctors recommended an abortion – but that was out of the question for the young family. The 28-year-old explains on Instagram: “Sammy is our son. Besides, nothing is impossible for our God. After about 6 hours in this world, he left us around 9 o’clock in the morning. We know that he is now with Jesus and there is no pain or has more problems.”

Despite the sad fate, Ben and Ale Wussow also try to take something positive with them from this scenario: “Sammy taught us to love differently than I could have imagined. [… ] We thank Jesus for the time we spent with our son and he could spend with us by seeing how he reacts to my voice (Ale couldn’t come to Sammy until later because of the caesarean section) and we could pray for him and tell him how much we love him and how proud we are of him.”

The grieving father continues: “We miss our son very much and are broken-hearted – at the same time we were able to experience God’s peace during this time, which exceeds all understanding. We are grateful for every heartbeat, every movement, every breath and every look that we were allowed to experience.”

Benjamin Wussow and Ale, who were born in Costa Rica, live in Spain. They have found their faith in God working for a Christian missionary organization. They got married about three years ago. It is not the first stroke of fate for the 28-year-old. He lost his parents very early: his mother, Yvonne Viehover, died of breast cancer in 2006, his father a year later. Ben was just 14 years old at the time.

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