Danni Buchner: Daughter Joelina and Ex Anastasiya are vacationing together in Ibiza

Girls vacation with a difference…

This is an exciting combination: Joeline Karabas (20), the daughter of Danni Buchner (43), and Anastasiya Avilova (32), the ex-girlfriend of Danni’s ex-boyfriend Ennesto Monte (46), is spending one together in Ibiza Time out.

Joelina & Anastasiya in Ibiza

Summer, sun, beach and sea: Joelina and Anastasiya are currently enjoying all of this in Ibiza. The two girls seem to get along well and have a lot of fun together. They have a bizarre relationship with one another.

How do they know each other?

In the center: Danni Buchner. She is the mother of Joelina. Anastasiya met the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant in the jungle camp. There they fought a bitter mud fight. The reason: their mutual friend Ernesto Monte. At that time, nothing was going on between Danni and the singer – but the rumor mill was already simmering. Just a short time before the jungle camp, Anastasiya and the self-proclaimed understanding of women were a couple. Of course, there was a quarrel between the two women.

When enemies become friends

But only a short time later, Anastasiya apologized for her behavior. Enemies became friends! In the meantime, the two of them get on so well that they always support each other – especially when Danni and Ernesto split up or get together again. This friendship now seems to have spilled over to daughter Joelina. Well, as the saying goes: Girls want to have fun!

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