Angelina & Sebastian Pannek: This is how she experienced his flex accident.

Emotional words from Angelina Pannek after an ex-Bachelor saw an accident
Angelina Pannek (29) is severely shocked. The influencer gives her fans an emotional update after the bad flex accident of her partner, ex-Bachelor Sebastian Pannek (31).

Angelina: “Sebastian is a stand-up man”
The former Rosenkavalier Sebastian, married to Angelina in April 2020, was injured in an accident at work – with an electric saw. The result? Gash, surgery and hospital. And his Angelina experienced the incident first hand, even gave first aid to the ex-Bachelor. The thing shocked her, as she told her fans on social media: “It was right, really bad! The shock runs deep.” Angelina’s heart is currently still in the hospital. It is not yet certain when he will be allowed to leave this again. However, Angelina is sure that her husband is not the type who lets himself get down, as she reveals to her fans.

“Sebastian is just a stand-up man,” she assures her fans. And history seems to be right: Sebastian was injured and had a motorcycle accident as early as 2020. But even here he fought his way back to life.

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