GZSZ star Ulrike Frank: When it comes to emotions, it’s like an open book.

Big showdown shoot for Ulrike and Jan

At GZSZ, the roles Katrin (Ulrike Frank) and Tobias (Jan Kittmann) have just experienced terrible things because they were kidnapped by Melanie (Diana Staehly), locked in a barn and should be extinguished forever by a large fire in the straw. But don’t worry, in the end, there is a happy ending for nearly everyone involved – because, at the last second, Katrin can free herself and Tobias from the hell of flames. An exciting shoot that took the two actors, Ulrike Frank and Jan Kittmann, with them. Here you can find out what they remember most and which scene was not in the script.

Ulrike Frank: “With me, you truly notice when something moves me!”
Of course, many rules had to be adhered to for such a dramatic shoot, which also included fire. Thanks to the fire brigade and a great assistant director who always told Ulrike precisely how far she could pull Tobias backward before she got too close to the fire, everything went smoothly during the shoot. And despite the great drama, the fun was by no means neglected, as Ulrike Frank reveals: “We laughed a lot. They were long days, but no one complained when it was too long. They were really great days for the whole team.”

Speaking of emotions, Ulrike and Jan have to master them correctly in their role as actors. And there can be many things: crying, laughing, screaming on command – the two had to do all of that. But what about private life? Are you able to share your feelings with the outside world? Jan reveals: “In my private life I can’t hide my emotions very well. You can tell immediately when something moves me. White lies don’t work at all.” Ulrike feels very similar. She reveals: “With me, you can truly tell when something moves me. I am also nasty at lying.”

Ulrike and Jan reveal more about this and even more highlights about the exciting showdown in the podcast on Audio Now.

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