“Take Me Out XXL” presenter Jan Koppen reveals his (anti) talent to us.

Jan Koppen pairs love-hungry singles with “Take Me Out”. But now he has to turn on the buzzer himself!

The XXL specials from “Take Me Out” will finally start soon. But before the buzzers are happily thrown on July 13th, the moderator himself may first press the giant red button. In a quick question and answer session, Jan Koppen asks himself a few questions – including about his most incredible talent.

What can he do now, our Kuppel-Koppi? The answer: “I can do everything a little bit.” Well, let’s call that modest, Mr. Koppen! There is one thing the new “Take Me Out” presenter can’t do at all, as he admits: “I’m just not a dancer!”

The 30 single ladies and the flirtatious men have to take care of the hot dance moves on “Take Me Out XXL”. In our Instagram clip, he reveals which action Koppi would use to convince the women if he were a candidate himself.

How many singles Kuppel-Koppi helps to have a successful date and how he usually acts as love armor will be shown on Tuesday, July 13th from 8:15 pm on “Take Me Out XXL”. There are a total of four episodes of the XXL special – each Tuesday at 8:15 pm.

Parallel to the TV broadcast, “Take Me Out XXL” is also available on the live stream on TV NOW and, of course, for subsequent access.

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