Melanie Muller is afraid: Mike could sit in a wheelchair after surgery.

Tough, quick-witted and always confident: Melanie Muller (33) is known in public as a strong woman who does not throw anything off track so quickly. But the ex-jungle queen has sleepless nights because she is apprehensive about her husband Mike (54). “I’m afraid he might end up in a wheelchair,” she says, explaining in an interview with RTL.

“It’s a tough operation for me,” says Melanie Muller
“Next week Mike is going to have two intervertebral discs of the upper cervical spine removed. This is a serious operation for me. I’m afraid. If something goes wrong, then that was it,”says Melanie Muller. The operation is so complicated that it has to be performed by a specialist, an experienced neurosurgeon in Borna (Saxony). Melli’s husband, Mike Blumer, explains: “The procedure takes place directly on my spinal cord, which is already tightly enclosed, and is therefore quite dangerous for me. The doctor will open my neck from the front and then go past the esophagus and vocal cords to the cervical spine.” With such a risky operation, Melli’s worries are easy to understand!

But why does Mike have to have an operation at all? “My intervertebral discs have slipped inward, the canal in the spine, which should normally have enough space for the spinal cord and spinal fluid, tightly surrounds my spinal cord and compresses it for a long time,” explains Mike. As a consequence, he has to struggle with considerable problems in everyday life: “For two years now, this has been shining in my shoulders, arms and hands, which have become numb as a result. I only button my shirts from memory, a sense of touch has not existed for a long time more and things like that cause me a lot of pain now.”

The health issues also put a strain on family life.
Because of Mike’s health problems, the house blessing sometimes hangs a bit wrong: “This is a point of contention for us because he is constantly in pain,” says Melanie Muller. “It’s also stressful for me because theoretically something could happen every day. If, for example, a car accident happens or he falls off the ladder while building the home, then that was it. That’s why I’m glad that the operation will take place soon.” Her husband, Mike, too. But he is also a little worried: “I’m a little jittery, but I’m convinced that everything will go well.”

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