Former chief of staff of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry raves about the collaboration.

In the past few months, Duchess Meghan has repeatedly been confronted with allegations of bullying.

Now, however, the former chief of staff of Harry and Meghan drew a different picture.Working with the two was an “unbelievable experience”.

Duchess Meghan has been at the center of allegations of bullying since March. Buckingham Palace even launched an investigation; the results should not be expected before 2022.

But not all Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s employees have a terrible image of the couple. For the former chief of staff, Catherine St-Laurent, it was an “unbelievable experience” to work for them, as she said in an interview with the US magazine “The Cut”.

Ex-chief of staff: the time with Meghan and Harry was “incredibly fulfilling.”
St-Laurent started to look after the Archewell Foundation as managing director in early 2020. A few months later, she switched to the role of a consultant. “They are incredibly talented and creative leaders,” she raved about Harry and Meghan in an interview. “I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do that and to be able to accompany you on your way.” The time with them was “incredibly fulfilling”.

The former chief of staff also predicted a bright future for the two: “I believe they have the potential to be very influential leaders in the field of social projects.” She looks forward to continuing to be a part of it.

Serious bullying allegations against Duchess Meghan
The “Times” had reported shortly before the broadcast of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry that there had been a complaint against Meghan for bullying within the palace in 2018. According to this, a high-ranking advisor to the court had accused Meghan of himself having “behaved unacceptably” towards two personal assistants and undermined the trust of a third.

In a reply, Meghan’s lawyers described the allegations as a “calculated dirt campaign”. Buckingham Palace then announced that it would investigate the allegations.

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