Pop star Ricky Shayne: “Today I’m broke.”

In the seventies, the Cairo-born singer observed huge successes in Germany and earned a golden nose with his music. Today Ricky Shayne’s finances are quite alarming.

“I’m breaking all chains” or “Mamy Blue” – with songs like these, pop star Ricky Shayne entertained the masses in the 1970s. The musician, born in Cairo and grew up in Lebanon, came to Germany in the mid-sixties, stormed the charts, received gold records en masse and appeared in every TV hit parade. His success gave him a financial fortune, nothing left of that today.

“At that time I was a millionaire, drove luxury cars, wore expensive jewelry,” said Shayne now to “Bild” about the high point of his career. But by the mid-1970s, the company’s success went downhill. He tried out different areas, but nothing was convincing. “I used to believe that the money would keep flowing. Today I’m broke and only got a pension of 151 euros.” He is still pleased but “just sluggish”. He couldn’t change that, and he couldn’t adapt either, said the now 77-year-old.

At some point, Shayne went to the States, then came back to Europe. In 2009, he opened a booth in the Flingern district of Dusseldorf, where he gave spontaneous short concerts almost every day. The kiosk became a place of pilgrimage for fans. After a year and a half, he closed the booth, preferring to record a new record.

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