Helena Furst was released from psychiatry after two weeks.

At the end of June, Helena Furst was admitted to a psychiatric ward. According to her statements, she was being held there against her will. Now the TV star has been sacked after two weeks and is making serious allegations.

A few days ago, Helena Furst from a psychiatric hospital in Frankfurt spoke up and said that she would be beaten there by phone. Now the 47-year-old has been released. She stays with the allegations against the clinic. “I was mistreated,” she said in an interview with RTL. “I was fixed with a lot of belts against my will. I was given some kind of medication. I have no idea what. I was out of the window,”said the former TV lawyer, describing her experiences.

But how did Helena Furst come to be instructed? On June 24th, the police were called over a neighborhood dispute. In the apartment building in which the former jungle camper lives, she has cut several cables in a power box. She made a mentally confused impression on the officials on-site; after that, a doctor ordered the admission.

“Finally, I am free.”
Helena Furst is now relieved to be able to return to her apartment. “I am free,” she exclaims in the interview that was recorded on the street. “Finally, I am free.”

The reality star also describes how the dismissal came about. “I started defending myself like I always do.” You have sent several faxes. Then one thing helped her to be released. “I tried to enforce my rights,” said the Offenbach native.

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