“Dream boat” doctor Nick Wilder had a severe car accident.

It’s an accident that Nick Wilder won’t forget anytime soon. Until recently, the actor was in front of the camera for the “dream boat” and was involved in a bad accident on the highway in his adopted home, the US state of Montana.

As the “Bild” newspaper reports, the TV star only wanted to bring his lawnmower for repairs. On the highway, he said, “a pick-up lurching at high speed” came towards him.

With the presence of mind, Nick Wilder pulled his steering wheel to the right, preventing anything worse because the driver in the truck passed out at the wheel and would otherwise have driven head-on into another car that was transporting a boat with a trailer.

“Then there would only have been deaths.”
“I’m like a guardian angel,” Wilder told t-online. “If I hadn’t moved in front of the guys with the boat and the truck, he would have completely caught this man who passed out. Then there would only have been deaths.”

Even Wilder himself would likely not have survived the accident. “If I hadn’t reacted so quickly, he would have caught me head-on. Then I wouldn’t be here either,”said the 68-year-old.

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His car is now a complete write-off. But the actor is just glad that he survived this accident. “The world’s issues seem tiny this time after you’ve been through a thing like this.” Wilder got away with minor injuries. The other participants were also only slightly injured.

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